Connection is all about vibing with your crew – friends, family, you name it. It's about making the most of those relationships and understanding that, just like other creatures on this planet, we're not meant to go solo.

Solid connections are awesome when life's a breeze, but they're straight-up lifesavers when things get rough. Talking and listening can help you see things more clearly. The friendship game isn't about quantity, but quality and trust. For some, it's that one ride-or-die, while others might have a tight-knit squad of five or six.

Going it alone doesn't make you a superhero – in fact, bouncing back from life's curveballs is way easier when you can vibe it out with others. Surround yourself with peeps who make you feel happy, confident, and chill. And if you're stressing about what your friends think, remember they're probably feeling the same.

  • Doing good for others = instant happiness boost.
  • Saying your fears out loud makes them way less scary.
  • Getting someone's opinion brings a fresh take on things.
  • You'll want your squad around to celebrate the wins, too!

If friendships hit a rough patch, figure out what went down so you can learn from it. Sometimes, we just outgrow our friends – people change, and so do we. And you know what? That's totally cool, too.