Write it down

Write it down

Expressive writing is like a secret weapon for not only healing from trauma, but also boosting your everyday happiness and mood.

Take Caggie Dunlop, for example – she turns to poetry to express herself and make sense of her feelings.

When talking it out just isn't cutting it, jotting down your thoughts can help bring clarity and even help you discover solutions.

Ready to start? Here's how:

  • Write down the deets of what's happened or what's going on, without overthinking. Don't worry about right or wrong – just let it flow.
  • Scribble down your emotions and how you feel about the situation. Forget about perfect spelling; just spill your heart out.
  • Review what you've written and decide if it feels right.
  • Come up with one thing, big or small, that'll kickstart your feel-good vibes. It could be as simple as catching some Z's, having a heart-to-heart with someone, or finding a temporary distraction.

Feel free to do this as often as it helps, and even keep an "emergency diary" for your thoughts. Just make sure you stash it somewhere safe.